grand unified theory

by dross

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released March 15, 2009



all rights reserved


dross Akron, Ohio

one man band making homegrown heavy music since 1994.

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Track Name: open fire
I've exhausted my best defenses
idle hands assaulting my senses
stare down, stand my ground
act before my spirit collapses
epic struggle to the end
feels like I'm fighting to breathe under water
every breath tastes like fire
this ocean that drowns me gets hotter
still standing, I won't beg you for my life
take what you will, winners or losers we both know what's right
nowhere to go, ravaged and battered with nothing to show
this was to be the place where I start over and find a new face
and take a look around
take a good look around.
Track Name: where it all began
where it all began, I just can't remember
there is such a cloud of fog between then and now
claim no regrets, but who can say? undefined and haunting
suffering in silence, desperate for solace
searching for a meaning, you are quickly running out of time
where it all began, some forgotten pain
roots long dissolved and only results remain
a burning rage, a missing page
a hidden door that's locked and I've lost my way.
Track Name: permutation
Track Name: parallax
imagining where I might be
when you close your eyes what do you see?
we'll both observe, just you and me
convergence of this heresy
set adrift out on the sea, feel the calm surrounding me
restlessly surrendering, when panic strike at ramming speed
I've landed here for now, a frightened sobbing coward
stranded in this consciousness
not one familiar shape, and no hope of escaping
head back, skyward, squinting eyes
desperate for some sign of life
the past comes flooding back, and now it's clear
that all along I was right here--right here!
you get as good as you give, and sometimes better
and I should've given better, I should've done better.
Track Name: rotation
Track Name: anachronism
Track Name: windmills
seething in the dark, breeding contempt like mosquitos
oh the things I could confess
yet I keep on asking what went wrong
yeah, I aim my finger...what have you done?
I've been tilting at windmills again, shake my fist you're gonna pay
a seed amongst the thorns, choking out the light
I will carve that cinder right out of your eye
yeah, it seems I've forgotten there's a beam in mine
I've been tilting at windmills again, shake my fist you're gonna pay
I've been cursing my symptoms again while my soul lies in decay
how can we change when we're in love with our evil ways?
how can it be praise when I wish you'd look the other way?
whom can I blame? cast off my shame. find someone to blame.
Track Name: identity
Track Name: grand unified theory