dawn state

by dross

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released May 30, 2015



all rights reserved


dross Akron, Ohio

one man band making homegrown heavy music since 1994.

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Track Name: fire of dawn
dig your claws, sink your teeth, I will burn everything
clench my jaws, grit my teeth, I am self poisoning
look where I've gone, exhaling the ether steam
condensing my instincts, declaring my needs
trapped in gauze, dreams of flight, broken by haze of light
stretch these walls, this cocoon, pry myself from the womb
a seed begins to swell, and something stirs to breathe
and just beyond this hell, a new dawn waits for me
shining through this shell, horizons I'll live to see
the fire of dawn, the denouement
terror breeds in the dark while you're wasting away
turn your eyes to the fire of dawn
error bleeds us in war, no more running, the lines are drawn
we wait for the sun to set, always running
we hide behind our regret, never growing
you think its the end? this is just beginning
and when you can start again thank the desolation
Track Name: torpor
the accused has no face, the accused has no name
convinced your cause is righteous, you accuse just the same
hubris in the air, this new truth you proclaim
who will be held to account in your one-man court of blame?
clinging to the arcane, certain of what's engrained
sleep soundly in the womb, cradled deep in the roots
twisted, unbreakable, ancient, unshakable
frozen and inert, bedrock in the dirt
broad strokes paint your lens, what brand of hate would you defend?
dense. dead. forgotten. immense. beset. fallen.
the shifting tide of universal woe
how far will we fall before we know?
Track Name: postmodern casualty
I stared at the sky, shouting into the void
detached, adrift, lost
apostate shrugs, the postmodern casualty unplugs
who can know anything?
one half worship, and one half witch hunt
is this the best you can do?
one eye closed, and one eye crazy
my mouth overfilled with things left unsaid
I told myself it's only ebb and flow
but second chances with sidelong glances get tiresome you know
a legion of armchair prophets lay claim to the truth
so many liars, so many fools
which one are you?
Track Name: tower of sorrow
drain the swamp, it's the dawn of another collapse
you prayed for peace while the cities all burned
so close your eyes, and close your mouth
have you found that you control anything?
I won't beg for deliverance
cause fearlessness belongs to those who've lost everything
and I won't beg for forgiveness
cause salvation belongs to those who've sold everything
drain the swamp and watch the cities die
pray for peace while fire rains from the sky
drowning in ashes, bear the blame of your demise
immortalized, this tower of sorrow is your child
Track Name: daisycutter
time and memory, lost and desolate
lies come slithering out the mouths of iniquity
fire, the reckoning, cost to extricate
cries come smoldering out, oh the price of atrocity
impaled and derelict, failed and arrogant
unveiled, a heretic cast into jaws of obscenity
you came to stay awhile, you wore you mask
and it's a nice day for a broken back
you weren't invited, but that won't stop you now
and it's a great day for a surprise attack
you can burn in this life and the next
I will grin when I smell all the smoke from your flesh
you can burn, grind your face in the coals
drink your blood, spit you out, rip your eyes from their holes
you can burn, hang you upside down
bleed you dry like you sucked out the life from us
burn, peel your bones, put you deep in the ground
Track Name: between now and never
Track Name: the gunmetal sky
these swirling faces in the gunmetal sky
never acknowledge, never ask why
is this the world you've been wishing for?
we lie in wait, in waste, in war
time is king, corrupt and corrode
every endeavor, erase and erode
you are now surrounded, the walls are closing in
stand alone against the void, you will never win
weakness in numbers, the carnage doesn't lie
survey the battlefield, bodies piled high
no one left to bury our dead
burn it down. salvation lies ahead.