threshold event

by dross

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released September 20, 2011



all rights reserved


dross Akron, Ohio

one man band making homegrown heavy music since 1994.

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Track Name: threshold event
fight or flight, or just lie down and take it
too many fears to reject or embrace it
I'm off the path, I'm on the fence
no way out, long way down
something lost, something gained
holding fast, the fear remains
could I be wrong, could I belong?
innocence, inner sense, is it god? is it man?
what is hope? what is sin? is there but one way in?
the skeptic's curse, a thorny trail
which will collapse, which one will fail?
I must bisect this dichotomy
altering, faltering
I'm on the edge, a precipice, the threshold event
introspect, I'm losing focus
the hard part of finding inner strength is being strong
why won't you help me? send me a sign to show me the way
regardless of the cost we fall away
no matter what we've lost we'll find our way
stumbling in the darkness, praying for answers
sunlight is gone from my way
the fall of man, the kingdom within, the twist of time
is it god? is it man?
I'm on the edge, a precipice, the threshold event
how much of this is real? do I shake my fist or kneel?
but that won't change the knowledge that
I've lost something I thought I'd feel
this little light of mine, I never let it shine
the shadows cast from what I lack, they blend into a wall of black
I kept my candle hid but never noticed it
what a surprise to realize that I'm not really missing it
maybe there's more to this, or maybe there's much less
either way that light up ahead just might bring me a sense of peace.